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Our history: 20 years serving education in rural Honduras

From school construction to educational programs:

Our story begins one day in the fall of 1998, when Hurricane Mitch devastated several Central American countries, particularly vulnerable to natural disasters because of their poverty.. 

In the face of this tragedy, many Hondurans in the diaspora mobilized alongside the French.

With the emotion of the moment, without even noticing it, we began to build the foundations of today’s association. 

Over the years, we have moved forward, learned from our mistakes and gained experience. 

New members have joined us gradually in Europe and Honduras and have enriched the association with their creativity and skills.

A branch of Honduras Croissance was created in Switzerland and Honduras after many legal obstacles to be overcome at the local level.                                                

1998 – 2008: Construction of school buildings 

While Honduras is in the reconstruction phase following Hurricane Mitch, Honduras Growth is launching the “Builders of Hope” Program with infrastructure projects adapted to our management capabilities at the time..

From 2008: Our new ambition is to improve the level of education by meeting the “Millennium Goals”.

Our new ambition: to raise children’s awareness of sustainable development through quality global education, for a more dignified future in harmony with the community, culture and environment of the beneficiary populations.

Our association joins a global movement, pursuing the “Millennium Development Goals” (MDGs),  inspired by the UNESCO guidelines for Education for Sustainable Development.

From this reflection is born the program “Builders of Hope” with new projects for elementary school children in rural areas.

Infrastructure, music, sports, reading, agriculture… A set of projects that are both independent and complementary within the framework of integral education.

In addition to “Builders of Hope”, the “Preparing for the Future” program offers young people and adults a more technical education as an alternative to secondary school education.

Chaac Source de Vie: drinking water is a prerequisite for development

Access to drinking water, an integral part of the “Millennium Development Goals” (MDGs) and an eternal problem for humanity, gives rise to our “Chaac Source of Life” project (Chaac = God of Rain in the Mayan civilization) with the implementation of drinking water and sanitation projects, in line with our sustainable development strategy.