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10 years of Don Sapo’s Treasure …

and “Honduras Crecimiento” created Don Sapo to bring pedagogical resources to schools in rural Honduras. Ten years have passed since we conceived and implemented Don Sapo’s Treasure as an unprecedented program, with a quality pedagogical methodology and complex logistics...

La Llonora

The Weepy

We continue with our Latin American traditional music series. In this video, guitar students from the “Music for Everyone” school interpret “The Weepy“, a hit song by Chavela Vargas during the Fifties. “The Weepy“ is originally a traditional Mexican...

Trained for a future

Our “non-formal” education program complements our educational programs within the national formal school system. With our “Trained for a future” program, we open new possibilities for children, young people and adults to discover and acquire different new technical and...

élève appliqué

Let’s join forces!

The school year 2021 commenced in Honduras, and with the health and sanitary measures imposed, educational disparities and inequities have sharpened. Let’s join forces among government, civil society, parents, teachers and private businesses to help all children continue to...


Welcome Honduras Rising

Honduras Croissance was founded in 1998 in Paris, followed in 2008 by its sister organization Honduras Crecimiento in Honduras. A third institution was born in Switzerland in 2014 and our newest in the United States, Honduras Rising USA, in...