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Volunteers at the service of rural development

20 years of volunteer work in Europe and Honduras, with a team rich in creativity and know-how.. 

An international network of volunteers

In France, Honduras and Switzerland, the three entities are managed by their boards of directors and group together with volunteers who work towards the same common goals.

The main basis of work is volunteering, which has been promoted in different countries following the mapping of the Honduran diaspora as a starting point. This diaspora has transmitted its passion in its local circles thus expanding the membership with people who share the same passion.
This configuration without well-defined borders led us to quickly incorporate virtual working tools.

Since 2003, the development that has been achieved to date has been done with virtual work that requires discipline and a continuous update of communication tools. 

Ci-dessous, les activités réalisées entièrement sur la base du bénévolat : 

The operational team at the local level

The level of development in Honduras is closely linked to the isolation of the rural population, which has limited access to basic necessities. The isolation of communities is due to the topography and the poor state of roads and precarious means of communication.
All our programs are designed with this constant problem of isolation in mind.
The work is carried out in the field by a local team of 3 full-time employees who travel daily, as close as possible to the beneficiaries, in rural communities.
The team is led by a general coordinator, in charge of the organization and planning of all the activities of the year, jointly with the Board of Directors.
Honduras Growth also has two Cultural Houses in Taulabé and San José de Comayagua, which serve as logistical bases for organizing meetings, music classes, events, learning workshops, or storing materials, thanks to the successful consultation with local actors.