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In early 2021, we reviewed our traveling library program so that we could adopt new strategies, consistent with the current situation. The crisis has led us to research and innovate, and with this we have found alternatives to reach the school population more effectively. 

This is how ” Don Sapo’s Virtual Treasure Library” was born, having the same tools as the physical Don Sapo, with the only difference that the resources are virtual, and therefore multiplying without limit the number of schools we can assist. The library is divided into classrooms and each one has a theme based on the 2030 goals for SDG development.

Our pedagogue Marcela Martorell, the creator of the tool, together with a team of ten volunteers in Honduras and Europe, worked for 7 months to give life to this new library version.

Below you will be able to see the virtual classrooms that we have implemented up to the present date: The universe, Responsible Consumption, Nutrition, Biodiversity and Ecosystems. Welcome to this new library version !

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